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Damn Yankees

The San Marcos High School Performing Arts department presents the 1956 Tony Award winning musical comedy, Damn Yankees. Directed by Riley Berris, with a book by George Abbott and Douglas Wallop, and with music and lyrics written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, the show will run on May 4th , 5th and 6th and May 11th , 12th and 13th at 7:00 pm.

Damn Yankees set in the 1950s, is the tale of a Washington Senators baseball fan, Joe Boyd (Stockton Haws), who trades his soul to the devil (Jason Gonzales-Larson) masquerading as a cunning salesman by the name of Mr.Applegate, in exchange for a new life as a baseball prodigy named Joe Hardy(Alex Marquis). He leaves home to play for the Senators and give them a shot at beating “those damn Yankees” and winning the Pennant. However, Joe soon encounters difficulty explaining who he is to the press and being apart from his wife, Meg (Lily McWhirter), not to mention resisting Mr. Applegate’s attractive mistress, Lola (Lana Kanen). In the end Joe must decide: is his baseball dream worth the price of his soul?

Director Riley Berris says that “rehearsing for this musical has been one of my favorites thus far; the cast has incredible energy, the music is beautiful, sultry, and fun, with a story itself that is zany and full of colorful characters. Also, it has been an interesting process having the students research and discuss the time period. It allowed them to find the many parallels and stark differences between our modern day and the 1950s. And of course, the artistic team of collaborators I get to work with is inspiring and always a delight. I think that as SMHS students bring this absurd comedy to the community, crowds will leave laughing, humming, and truly astonished by the talent we have here. “

San Marcos is located at 4750 Hollister Ave in Santa Barbara. 805-967- 4581


Director: Riley Berris

Vocal Director: Carolyn Teraoka-Brady

Music Director: Michael Kiyoi

Costume Design: Marian Azdril

Choreography: Jessica Ballonoff

Set& Lighting Design: Theodore Michael Dolas

Photo Credit – Blake Bronstad

Release contact – Brigitte Wright at, or 805-568- 3633

Written by: Jack Boyd, Eva Moschitto, Lily McWhirter and Eli Wright, performing arts students

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