Theater One

Theater One is offered Period 1 both Fall and Spring semesters to all beginning theater students. All students are welcome; no previous acting experience required! This class addresses theater basics, teamwork, script analysis, stage presence and presentation of self in addition to vocal techniques that enhance social interaction and public performance.


Theater Two

Theater Two will be offered Period 1 both Fall and Spring semesters to Intermediate theater students. Theater Two requires two years of previous Jr. High experience or Theater One as a prerequisite. Sign up for this class on Aeries. This class addresses performance work using monologues, scenes, and one-acts for in class performance while employing more advanced expectations. Students should already have a knowledge of basic character work, script analysis, vocal techniques, and stage presence.


Fall Play Production

Fall Play Production is offered Period 4 Fall Semester by audition. Auditions are held the first week of school in August. Fall Play Production students perform in the Fall Play in November and One-Acts in January. Fall Play will be posted on this website prior to the opening of the school year. Please email Mrs. Saleh at with any questions.


Spring Musical Production

Spring Musical Production is offered Period 4 Spring Semester by audition. Auditions are held in December. Students in this class rehearse and perform in the Spring Musical in May.

Spring Musical Production is under the direction of Shannon Saleh, vocal direction of Eleni Pantages, choreographed by Jessica Ballonoff, and conducted by Michael Kiyoi.

Stage Craft.jpg

Stage Craft

Stage Craft is offered Period 2 both Fall and Spring Semesters to all students. (No prior construction experience is necessary). Stage Craft students construct sets for the Fall Play, One-Acts, and Spring Musical, as well as assist in technical aspects (lighting, sound, etc.) of our three performances.

Stage Craft is under the joint direction of Woody Locke and Shannon Saleh.


Dance One

Come help us launch the dance program! Stay tuned if you love dance. Better yet…email San Marcos or and ASK for this class!

Dance One will be offered SOON in both Fall and Spring semesters to all beginning dancers. (No prior experience is required!)

Dance One will be taught by Jessica Ballonoff.